HeinOnline – Comprehensive Law Review/Journal Resource

Many students stop by the Reference Desk with a single question, “I’m trying to locate this law review/journal article, but I can’t find it on Lexis or Westlaw.”  What many law students don’t realize is that the law review/journal collections on these subscription platforms are not comprehensive—for many publications the article collections date back only to the 1980s-90s.  What are students to do if they cannot find the articles they need on Lexis or Westlaw?  Well the Westminster Law Library subscribes to a great database, known as HeinOnline, which provides access to many hard-to-find, older legal materials.  A highlight of the collection is the Law Journal Library which is the most comprehensive online source for law review and journal articles.  HeinOnline provides scanned PDFs of almost all U.S. law review/journal publications dating back to their first issue.

Students can access HeinOnline through the library’s A-Z Databases list located on the library’s Databases page (left-hand navigation bar).

For articles where the student already has the law review/journal citation, the easiest way to locate the article is via HeinOnline’s Citation Navigator.  Just input the citation and HeinOnline will retrieve the needed article.



The article can be viewed directly from the HeinOnline interface, but it is easier to read the article if the PDF is downloaded.  To download a PDF, select the Adobe Acrobat symbol located above the document.


HeinOnline provides the option to download the entire document or a specified page range within an individual document.

Another way to access articles through the HeinOnline interface is by browsing the law review/journal database.  Selecting the Law Journal Library link will take the user to an A-Z listing of all publications in the collection, which includes the years available through HeinOnline.




Students wanting to search HeinOnline for articles relating to a specific topic, as opposed to a known citation, are advised to try using the University of Denver Main Library’s Summon search engine which searches the actual content for multiple subscription databases.  After running your search, you can use the filters located in the left-hand bar to focus your results on “journal articles” in the area of “law.”


Need help locating law review/journal articles, how to use HeinOnline, or any other legal research questions?  Stop by the Reference Desk and speak with one of our friendly, experienced law librarians or email us at refdesk@law.du.edu.