Bluebooking Basics – Just What a Law Student Needs! (CLR Week of Sept. 14)

Bluebooking is a critical skill for students engaged in legal writing.  Whether you’re a 1L or just need a quick refresher on core citation skills, the week of Sept. 14 we’ll be offering numerous Bluebook training workshops designed to familiarize students and make them more comfortable with basic citation types and structures.

Image of Bluebook Legal Citations Book Cover

This week, the instructional sessions will be split between Karina Condra and Peter Kersten.  They’ve helped many students figure out all different kinds of citation issues and they’ll teach you what you need to know to develop a solid foundation.  If you have any questions about this workshop, please email

Cool Tools – Simplify Collecting, Organizing, and Citing Your Research (CLR Week of Sept. 8)

The Certificate in Legal Research classes officially begins September 8.  Whether you’re a First Year or a more experienced law student, Karina Condra will teach you awesome tools that will help you collect, organize, and cite your research for one or more projects.  The value of these skills and tools will become increasingly apparent once students start receiving multiple academic and professional research assignments at the same time.  Karina will provide hands-on experience teaching students how to use reference management platform such as Refworks and Zotero.

Screen capture of Refworks citation manager


Screen capture of the Zetero homepage

Additionally, students will learn how to use online resources to automatically construct Bluebook citations and organize research conducted on Lexis and Westlaw.

Questions about this workshop?  Please feel free to email Karina or contact any of the other reference librarians.  We look forward to seeing all of you next week!

CLR Registration and Class Location—Classes Start Next Week!

Interested in developing your legal research skills?  The CLR program officially starts next week (Sept. 8)!  We offer numerous courses designed to complement the material you are learning in your Lawyering Process class (or to serve as a legal research refresher).

Haven’t had an opportunity to register yet?  It’s easy!  Just follow the instructions available on our CLR Guide.  Choose whether you are a day or evening student, complete the course registration, select your desired classes, and register for the Coursesites platform (it’s just like Blackboard).  Remember to sign-up for the wait-list if all the current sessions of a particular class are full—we will add more sessions!

CLR classes are held in the Westminster Law Library’s Instructional Room (230F) located right behind the printers on the library’s main floor.


Picture showing where the CLR Classroom (Room 230F) is located. The classroom is down the hallway behind the library's second floor printers (first door on the right).


When you start to head down the adjacent hallway, the classroom door is located immediately on the right-hand side.


Picture of the CLR Classroom (Room 230F).


Questions about registration or the CLR program?  Please feel free to contact any of our helpful reference librarians, email the Reference Desk at, or stop by and chat with one of us!